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Peter Perez (RBE Peter)

Peter Perez is an Esports Consultant and Video Game Industry Advocate.

Peter Perez is an Esports Consultant and Video Game Industry Advocate. 

A Texas-based, decorated army veteran, Perez passionately elevating the positive impacts of gaming to communities abroad. As a former government employee turned marketing/media/esports consultant, Perez has been producing esports events in the United States since 2013. His most notable client since late 2016 is DreamHack AB, a reputable giant in the esports scene. He was directly involved in growing attendees numbers for all DreamHack NA events. Most recently, DreamHack Austin attracted over 30,000 attendees in June 2018. Perez has spent his life playing video games since the age of 3. His pursuit of this passion has helped him and others realize the power gaming has to heal the world. In 2013 he got his professional start by producing online and LAN tournaments for DOTA 2 players in Austin, Texas, with his test project, MOBA Esports. In addition, he was filling movie theaters with gamers to spectate the DOTA 2 International and celebrate the biggest prize pools in gaming history.

From travel between major events, esports summits and sales conferences, one of his many passions are teaching people the pros and cons of gaming as a lifestyle. As a father of two children, ages 12 and 10 - it was important for him that they understand they may pursue a career in esports and that he would support them 100%. Gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore. It’s a lifestyle.

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