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Why Gaming Families?

Join in and game on!

A new resource to encourage families to connect through game play.

We are a group of parents, consultants, educational instructors, and video game producers who love to play games, produce games, teach games, or are involved in competitive gaming (esports).

Our goal is to provide a hub of information to other families, research partners and the media regarding the value of video games for all ages.

From How To Guides to Quick Facts regarding the industry, we hope to provide a quality resource of timely information presented via videos, podcasts, slides, and articles.

If you have something amazing to contribute, get in touch. Feel free to share information on Gaming Families™ to your network.

Video Highlight

How To Convince Your Parents to Support Your Esports Career

Break out the strategy notebook; it’s time to gather pro-gamer tips coupled with instructional tactics that can assist you in proving to your parents that a career in esports is a viable occupation. A power-packed hour detailing a master plan to woo your parents, and you will be provided with a walk-away action plan. Take ownership of your destiny -- with your parents’ permission!  

Presented by Peter Perez, Esports Advocate & Host, and Karen Snyder, MFA (KYS Realm) Producer & Advocate at DreamHack in Austin, 2018.

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Have a pressing interview need? Our contributors are media savvy and all have public speaking experience.


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Need advise on esports or assistance with game industry research? Our contributors offer a wealth of experience.


Karen Snyder (KYS Realm), MFA

Digital Media Executive, Producer, Professor & Consultant

As a Digital Media Executive and Producer, think of Karen as a content marketing production studio.

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Peter Perez

Consultant & Advocate

Peter Perez is an Esports Consultant and Video Game Industry Advocate. 

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Anastasia Snyder (Ink Rose)

Founder of Ink Rose, Inc.

Ink Rose™(Anastasia Snyder) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer. She is currently attending The Art Institute where she is working on her Bachelors Degree in Game Art & Design. As a veteran kid entrepreneur, she has been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.

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